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In compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data, Hotel All Ritmo Cancún & Waterpark undertakes to treat the data provided by customers in such a way that they are used for their sole purpose and therefore will protect them in a secure manner, in such a way that are used only and exclusively for the purposes stipulated always keeping the privacy of the same based on what is marked by the Law.

People who enter our website and who provide any type of personal data in the different questionnaires of the same are informed in order to obtain information from us, make a reservation or receive information about present and future promotions made in the different establishments managed by our company in the present or in the future, which accept this confidentiality policy.

The data provided may be transferred and shared by affiliated companies to Hotel All Ritmo Cancún & Waterpark both in national territory and abroad, solely and exclusively for commercial purposes.

Hotel All Ritmo Cancún & Waterpark will protect with all the physical, technical and legal means, the confidentiality of the data provided by the people who access our website and who have freely decided to assign us.

In case any person wishes to exercise their right of opposition to the use of their information, they may exercise it by sending an email to, informing them of their interest in not using their data for any commercial purpose.

This website reserves the right to change, change or alter this privacy policy at any time so it is recommended to access this tab continuously.

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